I Miss You A Lot

Hi! this feeling is quite annoying. The memory of us came back to mind. Seeing my laptop open prompted me to write what I felt about you. Remember the first time I knew this platform was from you, thanks! Now I make this platform my most comfortable place to pour out my head about whatever it is, and you’re in it. Lucky you, this is another piece of writing that tells about you.

Photo by Richard Hirajeta on Unsplash

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been talking, our last chat was during Eid al-Fitr, and saying prayers to each other on a good day. By the way Happy 24th Boy! actually, I want to send you a happy birthday letter and I’d plan to send you a gift. And honestly, I have included the gift on my shopping list. But, our relationship is over and I don’t think you’ll be happy if I keep bothering you. And so, I undo my intentions. You’re still my favorite person, always, I guess. I don’t know who deserves to replace you. I still remember your message that after all is over, I can get close to any man. But, Hey! I’m stuck with you. you are always on my mind, every — single — day. I’m trying not to think about you but the reality is that there’s no day for you. I always refrain from looking at social media, photos, or rereading your last letter. But, stopping to think about you, is really the hardest thing right now, and I’m still looking for a way out of it.

I really want to contact you, really. But, I always remember our last discussion. I’m holding back on things I should be able to do (I hope I can). I don’t know what you are feeling at this moment, is it the same as me? we’re really parting ways where we’re actually still in love.

Huft, I’m kinda good now. All I took out in this copy and I feel relieved. Love is that complicated, isn’t it?. If only I could turn back time I wouldn’t want to see you so soon. Lose you, it wouldn’t be my sadness at this time. May everything you do go well, your family will be given health, and may your master's degree be completed quickly.



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